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PRO URBE Civil European Forum

If Europe exists as a historic unit,
then this is due for the most part to European Cities.
Leonardo Benevolo

Rape of Europe, Selinus/Sicily, 6th century BC

Europe is feeling discouraged and unsteady. It seems to be forgetting about its unique values, it is alienating itself from its institutions, and its regional divides are becoming more pronounced. Its society is being threatened by indifference and the inability to act – Europe needs renewal.

The guarantee that Europe will find its old self lies with the Civil Europe, the international network of millions of people deprived from the opportunity to actively shape their own lives, and those of young people. The old continent will realise the power of its values through gaining awareness about its heritage, which will in turn develop and sustain the sense of self-identity and that of community.

Towns and cities are meeting points of the long preserved past and the present, both turning towards the future. This is most obviously reflected in our urban architectural heritage, which offers a cure for our disconnection with the environment.

Let us create the forum of architectural heritage together in all regions and communities of Europe and on this web portal – the PRO URBE Civil European Forum.

What exactly is this Forum about? It is the kaleidoscope of Europe’s living cultural heritage. It aims to restore the self-confidence of the society and takes the lead in the protection of its heritage. The Forum creates an open space for new forms of engagement in collective thinking and debate, as well as cooperation for the protection of Europe’s built urban heritage. It aims to turn the images of heritage sites all over Europe into a joint experience.

The basis for the evolving PRO URBE Civil European Forum is provided by the non-governmental heritage network that encompasses all EU and EFTA member states, and acts as an initiator and facilitator in the creation and proliferation of multicolour pilot heritage forums. The PRO URBE Forum is a self-developing, self-shaping, never-ending process, many questions of which can neither be answered nor asked for the time being. We will propose questions and find answers and solutions together. The goal is to unfold the Forum through European consensus.

Please join the forums, show and tell us about your own architectural heritage places. At the same time, look at and hear about the urban values of other communities. Let us engage in conversations and debates – spread the news and follow the forum events.

We look forward to meeting you!!

This project could not have been realised without Professor Leonardo Benevolo, the renowned urban historian, who opened up our eyes to the role that the heritage of European cities and towns, the “built landscape” plays in defining the specific features of Europe; without the heroic activities of the World Commission on Culture and Development presided by former UN Secretary General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar; and most importantly, without the experience of millions of European citizens and without understanding the interwoven correlations of the exceptionally rich architecture of Europe.