Letter from the Directorate General for Culture of the European Commission

Brussels, 21/12/2017
Sent by ZAMPIERI Walter (EAC)

Dear Mr. László Bouquet,
Thank you for your letter dated 11 December 2017 in which you inform us about your initiative to launch the PRO URBE Civil European Forum under the aegis of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 (EYCH).

As you mentioned, Europe is renowned for its exceptional built cultural heritage. With over 450 in-scribed sites, Europe accounts for almost half of UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Still, there is a frag-mented approach in the preservation of heritage buildings and sites of outstanding value. There are also examples in Europe, unfortunately of heritage assets that are put at risk by investments in the historical environment where the protection of heritage is not seen to be a priority. The EYCH is a year-long opportunity to discuss and address these challenges.
Urban built heritage and the way it is preserved and enhanced is a major factor in defining the attrac-tiveness and living conditions of European cities, as well as a source of social cohesion and identity. High-quality, sustainable and participatory interventions are needed to fully realise the potential of cultural heritage for European societies. The preservation of our heritage is a common responsibility that concerns public authorities, the cultural heritage sector, private actors and civil society organisa-tions. I congratulate your ambition of establishing the PRO URBE Civil European Forum based on these principles.
The PRO URBE Civil European Forum is a timely initiative, which fits well with the aims of the EYCH, namely to promote innovative and participatory approaches for the conservation, safeguarding and enhancement of cultural heritage, and to promote debate, knowledge-transfer and exchanges of good practices in this field.
When looking at the preliminary concept paper that you kindly shared with me, I definitely see op-portunities for synergies between the two initiatives. We will be glad to follow the unfolding of such an interesting project.
We are also pleased to grant the EYCH Label to the PRO URBE Civil European Forum. The EYCH label is awarded to initiatives contributing to achieve one or more of the objectives of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, as laid down in Decision (EU) 2017/864, and this is the case of the Forum.

Yours sincerely,
Marie Cornette
European Commission DG EAC – D1 Cultural Policy Secretariat

Letter from the Chairperson of the Cultural Committee of the European Parliament

11 / 01 / 2018

Dear Mr Bouquet,

Thank you very much for your kind letter dated 11 December 2017 and the information concerning your project of a “PRO URBE Civil European Forum”, about which I have learned with great interest.

As you are undoubtedly aware, the European Year of Cultural Heritage is close to the heart of the European Parliament and its Committee on Culture and Education in particular, which I have the pleasure of chairing. It is bottom-up projects with a European dimension like yours that are essential in making the European Year a success and fully exploit its potential. You have thus the full backing of the Committee on Culture and Education and me personally for your project, for the unfolding of which I wish you all the best.
Should you require any practical or financial support in this regard, allow me to refer you to the Eu-ropean Commission ( ), which – together with the appointed national coordinators in each Member State – is responsible for the actual implementation of the Year.

With best regards and thanking you again for your initiative,

Petra Kammerevert